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Fix it Yourself and Look like a Pro with SpaBabes.com!

Welcome to SpaBabes.com, your experienced  source for help with your hot tub or spa equipment issues.  The combined experience level of the hot tub techs at SpaBabes encompasses many years and we can help you with hot tubs manufactured from the early 80's, thru the 90s right up to this year! With today's economy, wouldn't it be nice to know where to get tech support  to fix your own hot tub?  You've found it!  We exist to help you troubleshoot your hot tub. You can not only do it yourself,  you can  buy your hot tub parts and equipment at a discount from people who know hot tubs inside and out!

New!  Great tips and tricks for knowing your hot tub.  Get on our list. 



Smartouch E Pack

When the diagnosis is complete,we're here with the right hot tub part, spa pack, or equipment at discount pricing! Our spa parts and equipment catalog is easy to navigate, with a great selection of complete hot tub and spa packs, spa controls, spa covers, spa heaters, spa heater elements, pumps, motors, relays and more.  SpaPartsnet.com THE source for all your hot tub equipment needs is a click away!

Just so you know...SpaPartsNet.com has the best selection of spa packs and spa control systems in the industry at great pricing.  If you click on the image to your left, It will take you to the page with our ACC control systems, One of our favorite brands.  But we have more too: Balboa control systems, Hydroquip control systems, Spa Builders Systems Group Controllers, and more! So plenty of selection, plenty of good help with the choice,  based on your equipment configuration.

Want to try and  figure it out?  There is a lot of info right here!

The Glossary is a great place to start.  It goes through common hot tub and  spa equipment  and components, item by item, with helpful hints along the way.  If you are unfamiliar with your hot tub, you'll find it much easier to communicate with us once you've glanced over it.

The Spa Babes Spa Care Guide contains good simple advice for balancing water and and keeping your hot tub sanitary.  It is our most popular page at Spa Babes.

Our hot tub discussion board, SpaForums.com  is one of the most popular hot tub bulletin boards online.  You'll be suprised at  the custom in depth info you can find here.   Just lurking there and exploring the many posts will fill you in on many aspects of hot tub repair and problem solving.  Want to post?  register and please do so!

Spa Heater Problems? Don't feel alone. Heater issues have to be the most common call our support staff gets!

Heater Problems?

If your hot tub isn't heating, isn't hot enough or is too hot, click  "Heater Help" and  find an easy checklist for solving common problems with hot tub heaters.  You'll also find common hot tub  heater logic and wiring diagrams.

The tech support staff always appreciates it if you have read the check list so you are familiar and have checked for common problems that may not be directly related to your heater. Are you troubleshooting a spa control switch or relay? You'll learn to identify important switches in your hot tub or spa, how they are wired and why they are there by checking out our switch and relay section

FREE Tech Support is only a phone call (or Email ) away. We are always glad to walk you through your hot tub or spa system and share our troubleshooting techniques. That's what we're here for!

Just click "Contact us." Hey!  Are you a pool or  spa service techs? We're here for you too !  Just let us know who you are and we'll get you on our Service Technician Site: spatechs.com, and are here to help with any thorny hot tub problem you might run into.  Call from the field!  We'll be here.

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