Foam in Hot Tub

Foam in a hot tub can be annoying. What causes this? What can you do to eliminate it?

There are several different factors that can cause foam in hot tubs. Probably one of the biggest causes is soap, lotions, hairspray, oils and dead skin from your body. When entering the hot tub these products wash off and enter the hot tub water causing the foam. One of the best ways to combat this is by showering before you enter the hot tub. These products and by products over time cause a build up of total dissolved solids in the water. This is what causes the foam. Oxidizers like chlorine (dichlor) and non chlorine shock can help get rid of some of these products but eventually the build up is so extreme that the water is permanently cloudy and  the only solution is to drain the hot tub and start with fresh fill water.

Filling the hot tub with soft water will also increase the foam activity.. take care to bypass water softeners before filling the tub.

Any time you are losing the battle with foam, its time to drain and refill with fresh water.

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