Is My Spa Leaking???

Water is a funny thing. While we all enjoy soaking in hot water, bathing, playing and even drinking it, no one likes a leak. Leaks will cause stains, slippery surfaces and as it pertains to a hot tub, an unwanted commitment to cleaning up and consistently refilling the spa. 


Leaks Must Be Dealt With


Before going crazy trying to find a leak there are a few places every spa owner should check. In most cases, a leak can be easily identified and resolved.


  1. Check the heater unions – These unions are usually only hand tightened and may come loose from vibration. Check for water and tighten as needed. 
  2. Check the spa pump unions – Again these are typically hand tightened. Check for water and tighten as needed. 
  3. Air Control Valves – These valves are knobs found on the flange of the spa that increase the pressure coming out of the jets. If you have turned too many spa jets off, the force of the water will need relief and will try to escape out through these valves. If you find water beneath an ACV, make sure all the spa jets are in the “open” position. 


Can’t Find It?


Now its time to check the plumbing, but before we get started remember that water has a tendency to “run downhill”. Just because you see water at the front of the spa doesn’t mean thats where the water is coming from. It may be coming from the back of the spa and running to the front. It will be important to try to find out where the starting point is. Once located, it will be important to find the source. 


You will need a flashlight, a dry towel and a dry hand. Search the spa plumbing with a flashlight for any water on the plumbing itself. If that does not provide a clear direction, slowly run your hand over and around each spa jet and plumb line until your hand gets wet. 


Remember to start high and work your way down and around the hot tub. Keep your hand completely dry. Eventually, the leak will be found.


If At First You Don’t Succeed…


Some leaks are very elusive. If after checking everything else, the leak has not been found, try looking under the spa cover. That’s right, under the spa cover! 


Water is constantly steaming off the water’s surface and condensing on the bottom of the spa cover. The water collects and sometimes drips onto your topside control or spaside keypad. Since the keypad does not have a waterproof seal to the spa shell, it can run under the topside and into your spa cabinet. Sometimes right onto your equipment which will cause your breaker to trip. 


If after a complete inspection the leak has not been found. Call your friendly SpaShopper.Com technician. They live for this stuff and I’m sure….You’ll be glad you did!


 For Help Finding Any Leak…Call Us 1-866-829-3660

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