My Spa is Taking Too Long to Heat!

It’s getting cold everywhere! Warm up by taking a soak in your hot tub.  Peel back the cover, fire up the jets, and relax in the warmth! How perfect is that??

If you find that your spa is not heating the way it did when you bought it new, there are a few signs to look for:

1.        The motors run excessively: If your spa motor runs more than normal, it could be because the spa heater is having trouble getting the spa to the set temperature.


2.        Higher than normal electric bill: The hot tub heater has two electrical “legs”. Sometimes one of the legs will drop out of service causing the heater to draw too much power to compensate. A higher bill can also be from the spa motor running continuously.


3.       Error Codes: As a safety precaution, the hot tub heater is shut down anytime an error code is displayed.


4.       Doesn’t heat to set temp: The spa heater is set for 104 and the spa water does not climb over 100. A replacement spa heater element is required.


5.       Takes too long to heat: The hot tub heater is designed to increase the water temperature by at least 2 degrees per hour. If your spa heater takes longer, there may be a problem.


There are many factors that can contribute to reducing the efficiency of your spa heater. Here are a few simple ways to avoid costly repairs:

1.       Be sure that there are no water flow restrictions by keeping the filters clean and the suctions clear from obstructions.


2.       Error codes are a way to avoid serious damage to your spa. Clear all error codes as soon as they appear. 


3.       Keep proper water balance. The number one reason for hot tub heater failure is scale and corrosion. Damage can occur in as little as 6-8 months. Using a plumbing cleanser and conditioner periodically is recommended.

Beyond the simple solutions, a spa heater replacement will be required. Replacement spa heaters are an inexpensive solution to keeping your electric bill in check and will often pay for itself in the first month of use. Replacement should take no longer than 20 minutes and with the winter on its way, sooner is always better than later. Don’t be left in the cold! Check the status of your hot tub heater. You will be glad you did!

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